Michigan Civil Project Portfolio: Facilitating Community Growth 

From parks to airports, B & B Concrete Placement, Inc. has experience in the civil sector. Infrastructure is an important aspect of the planning, maintenance, and steady flow of a community.

B & B Concrete considers the civic need for a functioning area, facility, or space while laying out a city or government project.

Having successfully completed several civil projects, we are comfortable liaising with various stakeholders including governments, clients, and other associated organizations on flatwork and concrete flooring. This experience has also yielded us to be aware of differing and competing guidelines, protocols, and laws that provide the parameters of these projects. 

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Many civil projects we have taken on are those developing airports. The work our team does on an airport project combines efficiency and speed. From pouring large slabs or needing the precision necessary for the connector bridges and roadways- we do it all. 

B & B Concrete has taken on multiple airport projects in the Metro Detroit area. Two of our major airport projects include the DTW 1 section and the Spirit Airlines section both at the Metro Detroit Airport in Romulus, MI.


Parks are another common area for civil projects. These projects can vary in size and scale, but no matter the project, B & B Concrete provides the necessities to flesh out a design. A park project we are proud to share is our work on the Bosch Rain Garden in Plymouth, MI.

Our civil projects include:

  • Fort Stewart – Savannah, GA
  • Inergy Automotive Systems Facility - Huron Township, MI
  • Bosch Rain Garden - Plymouth, MI.

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