Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Family & Residential Project Portfolio of Michigan Homes

There is a significant difference between a house and a home, we help bring the safety that a home needs to provide.

No matter if a building is meant for temporary, mid-term, or long-term living, it is important for us to bring an element of connection and safety for the tenant. B & B Concrete brings over 45 years of concrete construction experience to any multi-family or residential concrete project. This experience prepares us to take on the unique challenges of your project and help bring people the safety that a home, or temporary home, needs to fulfill.


Assisted Living

As with healthcare facilities, B & B Concrete has the experience to plan and execute a construction project intended for elderly or ill individuals. In these spaces, combining the comfort only a home can provide and the medical upgrades that the tenants would require is necessary to have a fully completed facility or assisted living.

Apartments and Townhomes

B & B Concrete can help you bring a level of quality to your apartment and townhome complex that separates it from others in the area. We want to help residents feel right in their home, and we will provide that for them with the excellence we have continued to deliver for decades.


Even if it is only for one night, B & B Concrete puts together hotels with units capable of helping even the most restless of travelers get a full night’s rest. 

Some of our multi-family residential projects include: 

  • Brush Park A3 – Detroit, MI
  • The Scott @ Brush Park - Detroit, MI
  • Fox Ru - Novi, MI
  • District Lofts 1&2 – Waterford, MI

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